Passive house does not require an active heating system and therefore relies heavily on the thermal insulation and air-tightness of the façade. Based on the standard series, WICTEC 50HI is certified for aluminium/glass façades suitable for passive houses at minimal additional cost. The thermal insulation exceeds the benchmark requirements of passive-house, with a Uf value of 0.65 W/(m²K) thanks to easy-to-install special thermal break profiles in combination with triple glazing.


System test results / CE product pass in accordance with DIN EN 13830

Perméabilité à l’air
Étanchéité à l'eau
Résistance au vent
Isolation acoustique
Résistance aux chocs
Assurance qualité
Gestion environnementale
Class AE
RE 1200
2000 / –3200 Pa, security 3000 / –4800 Pa
Rw (C;Ctr) = 47 (–1; –4) dB
Class E5 / I5
Certified according to ISO 9001:2008
Certified according to ISO 14001

Technical performance

System width
Basic system
Thermal insulation
Infill thickness
Glass weight
Polygon façade
50 mm
Uf = 0.65 W/(m²K)
up to 63 mm
up to 6.0 kN
up to 5°

System technology

  • Extension to WICTEC 50 with optimised thermal insulation
  • Certified by the ift Rosenheim as a passive house component according to the ift guidance paper RI WA 15/1, with a Ucw value of 0.7 W/(m²K)
  • Triple glazing construction suitable for passive houses, infill thicknesses up to 63 mm
  • Thermally enhanced isolator profiles for subsequent installation
  • System construction identical to standard WICTEC 50
  • Ideal for vertical and polygon façades, sloped glazing and spatial structures
  • Individual design possibilities, thanks to a wide range of aesthetic profiles
  • Reliable glass load transfer (up to 6.0 kN), with improved transom-joint technology
  • Overlapping and secure drainage at the cruciform, without mechanical mullion processing, ensures tried-and-tested impermeability
  • Consistent internal gasket appearance
  • Wide selection of structural profiles, with optional integral reinforcements, ensuring optimal performance


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